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  SALLY COLLINS ---- Walnut Creek, California

Sally Collins is an award-winning quiltmaker, teacher and author who has been quilting since 1978 and teaching since 1985. She is most recognized for her quality workmanship, attention to detail and teaching expertise. Her classes focus on how to achieve quality workmanship in any scale and are developed to help students advance their technical and creative skills as well as how to critique and correct their own work. Author of “Small Scale Quiltmaking”. “The Art of Machine Piecing” and “Borders, Bindings and Edges”.

SEDONA This class will focus on how to achieve quality workmanship as we explore the design and color opportunities offered within the skeleton lines of a traditional Carpenters Wheel block (35” or 18”). Learn how to fracture shape and space to create your own unique design, then you’ll color it beautifully and finally sew it together with precision using templates and rotary cutting. Learn to improve the quality of your sewing and how to critique and monitor your own work. Work with supplied pattern “Sedona” or design your own. Machine. Intermediate-Advanced


Visit Sally at www.sallycollins.org

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